High Comfort For Little Money: How To Save On A New Bathroom

A modern bathroom cannot be taken for granted – especially not for tenants. But that doesn’t always have to be a reason to renovate the entire bathroom right away. With our tips and a little initiative, you can carry out a cost-effective modernization yourself. You can find out what you need to know here.

A bathroom renovation is always associated with a lot of planning effort and high costs. Sanitary objects, bathroom installations, drywall construction – that adds up. The inexpensive alternative: With little tricks, you can “cheat” your bathroom in no time and create additional storage space even in the smallest of areas: light, large-format tiles make a room appear larger. Make the most of every space and let shelves and cupboards grow up to the ceiling. How about a shelf over the door or window? And if you mount small items such as toothbrush cups or make-up containers on the wall, you need less storage space. Pretty soap dispensers or containers for cotton pads decorate your bathroom. Everything else, such as shower gel, brushes, etc., goes into the cupboard. This makes the room appear calmer. Our tip: Even beautiful mirrors make your bathroom look bigger!

If you only disturb a few things in your bathroom, it is often enough to renovate some areas. Signs of wear and tear on ceramic bathroom elements can possibly be repaired and polished up with special fillers. Renewals such as the shower base, the bathtub paneling, or the floor can also give the bathroom a completely new look – and can be implemented very quickly using the right materials. With a little manual skill and perseverance, you can adopt these solutions yourself.

Nightmare Water Damage  – Now What?

But even unplanned bathroom renovations can suddenly become a cost-intensive topic: For example, after water damage or due to ailing sanitary ware that has always leaked easily but is now unusable. If you are faced with such a problem, you have the choice between a complete renovation and a renovation with the replacement of individual bathroom elements. Are you a tenant? Then you should first clarify whether your landlord does not have to remedy the deficiency.

Mold and a leaky toilet: the complete renovation

However, if the list of defects in the bathroom gets longer and longer, a complete renovation is usually unavoidable. The entire bathroom is gutted, and the empty space can then be designed according to your own needs and wishes: from laying the sewer pipes to the correct layering of the floor structure to installing the bathtub. Refurbishment often makes sense, especially in old buildings. Outdated electrical installations, ailing line systems, or a missing FI switch represent a high risk.

When renovating a bathroom, also take economic considerations into account. Modern energy and water-saving technologies make the renovation more expensive, but in the long term, you will save a lot of money because hot water and heating account for around 90 percent of the energy costs in an average household. As the warmest room in the house, the bathroom also has the highest heating costs. Heat pumps, infrared heating, or programmable thermostats help to save energy costs. Faucets, showerheads, or toilet cisterns with integrated economy buttons also reduce water costs.

Because of the good order situation, it is often difficult to find craftsmen at short notice in larger cities. Waiting times of several months are quite possible. Plan your bathroom renovation with foresight. Use the time and get several cost estimates. In addition, many offers can also be compared with one another online.